Friday, August 16, 2013

Chipotle Summer Session v2

Chipotle Summer Session v2
1 Carlos Vargas Feat. Stephanie Cooke - This Must Be Love (Rob Hayes Remix)
2 Roy Davis jr. Feat. XL - Reach Up (Get Large Vocal)
3 Jocasta - Girls Are Evil (Groove Junkies Classic Instrumental)
4 Germano Germani Pres. Groove Makers - Magic Love (Original)
5 Kevin Yost - It's On
6 Jamie Anderson and Owain K - Freerider (Acapella)
7 Aston Martinez And Marco Berto - Music 4 Da Soul (Marco Berto Deep Love Mix)
8 Dj Mibor - Flute Passion
9 Andre Crom and Luca Doobie - Attica (Makam Remix) 10 Little Louie Vega Feat Arnold Jarvis - Life Goes On 11 Tony Deep Fish - Sand Under My Feet
12 World Of Colour Feat Nicole Tyler - Change (Deep Elements Mix)
13 Craft B.Feat Nica Brooke - Summer Voyage (Original Mix)
14 Yolanda Wyns -I Know You I Live You (Joey Negro Mix - Grant Nelson Re-visit)
15 Jeremy Sylvester - Keep It Deep House Headz (Sly Deep Vocal Mix)

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