Friday, September 26, 2014

Kenny G G Force 1983 Remastered by ray K in Honor of Cassette Day

    Back when Kenny G meant funky business...  Yes it's no secret that I'm a fan of the "Black Lacquer Neon Jazz Funk" of the 80's.  In honor of cassette day Saturday September 27th, I have remastered 1983's G Force as I could not find that it had ever been revisited. You can download my personal remastered version here.  However I have made just one single cassette version that contains an extended instrumental version of Hi, How Ya Doin' as a bonus track.  The cassette is a vintage New Old Stock Scotch XS 90 which contains the entire album on each side. Side A is Dolby HX Pro encoded and side B is Non HX Pro as I have found that there is 'head room' difference when playing HX Pro on older decks and vice versa. As I said there's only one of these available and whoever hits the button below first will be the proud owner.  Stay true to the physical forms of music my friends...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Complete Art Porter CD Collection

Pocket City 1992 (Produced By Jeff Lorber)
Straight To The Point 1993 (Produced By Jeff Lorber)
Undercover 1994 (Produced By Jeff Lorber & Ronnie Foster)
Lay Your Hands On Me (Multiple Producers)
I recently discovered the beautiful sounds of Art Porter.  Unfortunately, he left this world way too soon.  This is the complete series of his albums.  They are all fantastic and are living proof of his creative "peaking" in the Nineties.  Free shipping if you are in the states.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sugar Hill Wesley Snipes DVD & CD Soundtrack Combo Sale

A Fantastic Movie & Soundtrack! Often Overlooked.  Rare R&B Gems and Jazz shorts from The Terence Blanchard Quintet.  Get both for one low price and FREE shipping in the states.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Down & Dirty (Fred Williams) Video & Soundtrack Combo

An absolutely fantastic post modern Blaxploitation film.  Very Hard To find! and features a great soulful soundtrack produced by Fred Pittman and Preston Glass.  I'm parting with both the VHS and CD out of my collection.  Free Shipping if you're in the states. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

ray K special mix set "Glide" August 2014

ray K special mix set "Glide"
August 2014
1 Be Free - Kuniyuki & Cushty
2 Mind Looping Technology - Robert Babicz
3 Falling In Love - Saba Rock & Sandy Cay
4 Hooked On Your Love "1982" - Ron Trent
5 Simmer - Peven Everett
6 Dema (Delano Smith Transit instrumental) - Jay Tripwire Feat Boddhi Satva
7 The Wicked Thoughts of You (Pete Phunk Afternoon Rhodes Mix) - Tafubar
8 Snowflakes - Two Armadillos
9 Smoking Mirrors (Original Mix) - Lee Curtiss
10 Retro Feel - Zuat-Zu
11 New Horizon (Original) - Move D & Benjamin Brunn
12 Words Of Comfort - Gruber And Nuernberg

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Mix That Never Made Nikki Beach (ray K & Deependin' On Jazz)


1 Joyce Cooling - Callie (ray K Edit)
2 Tarek - Desabafo (Original Mix)
3 Sumo - Santiago Boys
4 Vincent Kwok - Las Llaves (Julius Papp Remix)
5 Phil Kinley - Esperanto (Original)
6 Barratt feat. Brooke - My Rhythm (Instrumental Mix)
7 Hollis P Monroe - I'm Lonely (Vincenzo Mix)
8 D.J Boxx Feat Carla Prather - Send For Me (The V.L.E All Souled Out Dub Mix)
9 Christian Hornbostel and Alfred Azzetto - 84 King Street (Walterino & DJ Fopp Discomix)
10 Sean Dimitrie - Hopscotch (Johnny Fiasco Remix)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Deeper Side Of Tech - Return


1 Abdomen Burst - Underwater Cave
2 Cassino & Laben - Come Back To Mar Del Plata
3 Eyerer & Koletzki - Pulse Your Hands (Audiofly X Remix)
4 Re:Axis - Floating Flame
5 Pezzner - Logan (Original Mix)
6 Tone Depth - Rumblefish (Maher Daniel Remix)
7 Nacho Marco - Estefania (Original Mix)
8 Butch - Ein - E
9 Marco Bailey & Tom Hades - Why Don't You Answer (Original Mix)
10 Spektre - Rabbithole
11 Aleks Patz & Alex Caytas - Samo Loty
12 Stephan Hinz - Diescinerum

Friday, April 4, 2014

Frankie Knuckles Mix Set Collection

Frankie Knuckles will be dearly missed by us all. I have assembled here, my own personal collection of his mix sets from over the years.  This zip file will only be available for a limited time.  It is almost 1GB so it may take awhile to download.

Thursday, February 27, 2014