Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Summer Nights On The Terrace (ray K Classic Mix Sets)

I dug this one out of the past.  This was originally a show for DSOT, but I found the raw mix without voice overs.  I will be posting several more of my past summertime mixes this week so stay tuned! There is a subscribe link at now for those of you who want automatic downloads.
1 Faktor X - Sunsurfing
2 Beekay Deep - The Feeling
3 Astrid Suryanto - Distant Bar (16 Bit Lolitas Mix)
4 Iz and Diz - Love Vibe (Jimpster Remix)
5 Swat Squad & Blunt - Landscape
6 Nivek Tsoy - Much Good (Original Mix)
7 Westpark Unit - Audio Brand
8 Lucas Keizer - Yesterday
9 Nikitas Astraglide Feat. Jay Thomas - I Have A Soul (Matt Hoysons Deep Remix)
10 Liapin - Redskin (Agnes Remix)
11 Paolo Faz - Ali Baba
12 Le Vinyl and Mani Rivera - Papa Fili
13 Aruba - I Need (Pedro Cali Remix)

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